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Manufacturing Exceptional Products

Shop Solutions

Horizon Tech Industries provides turnkey level services for precision manufacturing needs. We are able to provide manufacturing engineering consultation, custom fixturing, 3D printing, prototyping, machining, and production, parts finishing and coating, quality assurance, and inventory control services.


Our Lathe Shop

Our lathe shop consists of 12 Swiss machines ranging for 20mm to 32mm of capacity with up to 11 axes of machining. We run lights out to produce more than 500,000 swiss parts a month.

We also have 2 WTS-150 dual spindle 3 turret machines for intricate parts as well as 2 Omniturn GT-75 machines, and 1 SL-25 and are able to handle parts from 2mm to 12 inches or more in diameter.

Our lathe department can manufacture out of plastic, aluminum, brass, steel, Inconel or many other materials for parts as simple or complex as needed.


Our Mill Shop

Our mill shop consists of 19 vertical mills with rapid tool change. We have 4th axis rotary table and bar feed capabilities as well as custom tooling, and fixturing.

We also have 2 manual mills in use for your milling needs and a second op CNC for multi-op parts

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