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Parts Finishing

Exceptional Products

Sand Blasting

High throughput and consistent finishing.

We offer automatic and manual sandblasting for parts of all sizes. We sandblast using common glass bead sizes or aluminum oxide and are able to change to meet part requirements

Our automatic sandblasting offers consistent surface finishes and high production output for small and medium-sized parts.

Our manual sandblasting equipment allows us to sandblast larger or specialty parts in many different batch sizes.

Black Oxide

Corrosion resistant coating for parts.

We are able to offer in house bluing of carbon steel parts. Black oxide provides mild corrosion resistance and a consistent black appearance.

Outside finishing

Any required finish to meet your needs

We commonly use outside vendors for other finishes such as Anodizing, Tin or Nickel Plating, Black Nitriding, or any other required coating. We can broker this service and act as the main point of contact.

We also have experience working with overmolded parts and can assist in finding or dealing with molding or inventory control of parts with multiple manufacturing steps.

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