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XS Sights

"HTI is demonstrates exceptional values and we are committed to a continued partnership"


"HTI produces only the best for us."

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EBFire Division — Hunting

"I have been using Horizon Tech as a vendor of precision machined parts used to build our products since 2005. I began using them when our vendor at the time could not hold tight enough tolerances on the inserts used to injection mold components for our product line. Our products are used to control explosive perforating guns as part of the fracking of oil wells. This is an extremely demanding environment.


Since this introduction, Horizon Tech/XS sights has become a strategic partner. Their commitment to quality and on time delivery are second to none.

They are the rare vendor that cares as much or more about my parts than I do! While primarily a machine shop ,  HTI/XS has a very though knowledge of plating and of what it takes to produce high quality plated parts. They have a big picture approach to the parts they build, and have been most helpful in suggesting revisions to my designs that yield savings and faster production of the parts that we purchase from them.


In 2010, our business experienced exponential growth with production numbers moving from 3,000-5,000 parts a week to an eventual 18,000 parts per day in 2014.

As of 2019 we have sold over 14,000,000 parts with a success rate of 99.9999874. The quality of the numerous parts that HTI/XS provides to us was an essential component of building the reputation for reliability that we have achieved. Never did HTI/XS fail to meet our needs regarding on time delivery, or quality.

Even more remarkably, Ed Pastusek, the founder of HTI/XS passed away in 2010. This left the company in the capable hands of Mary Pastusek, Jon Pastusek, Kellie Brunn, and Stan Pastusek. They never missed a 


Joel Sansing, Production Manager

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